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Promo 3 Hallux Valgus Corrector


Promo 3 Hallux Valgus Corrector
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PROMOTION # will go all right / Hallux Valgus Corrector
* The promotion includes N.3 Hallux Valgus Corrector

✳️ INSTANT RELIEF: New 2020 Version Designed for maximum comfort of the toes. Produced by Specialists in Orthopedics, Bursitis, Overlapping Fingers and Hallux Valgus. Our Corrector is also effective in the case of hammer, snap or hard toe fingers, the corrective separator shape favors the immediate realignment of the fingers, preserving you from blisters, bursitis, calluses, wounds and metatarsal problems.

✳️ INVISIBLE AND ERGONOMIC: The best on the market, we have used the latest generation materials such as the SEBS I-gel, elastic medical silicone thanks to which it is easy to wear, it adapts ergonomically to the foot by adhering perfectly to the toes. The brand new design developed by us has been designed to give maximum comfort, making it totally invisible allowing it to be worn with any type of shoe, sock and sock. Wearable day and night.

✳️ STRENGTH AND SOFTNESS: Practical, shape and size reinforced compared to other correctors on the market, perfectly stable in the part of the thumb and fingers, innovative SEBS I-gel silicone that completely eliminates perspiration and skin irritation, hydrating the skin, designed to last over time, tested in all the most critical situations such as sports, intense walking, gymnastics, resulting impeccable at all times of the day.

✳️ CERTIFICATIONS: Our Retractor / Corrector is a Class 1 Medical Device, enjoys the CE / FDA / ISO 9001 / SGS / RoHS Certifications recognized worldwide thanks to the excellent Quality. This makes us the leading company in the sector. Our focus is solely on your health to help you get the best. Washable, reusable and antibacterial, particularly suitable for the most delicate, breathable and hygienic skin.

✳️ TOTAL GUARANTEE: Certain of our Quality, unlike the other Retractors / Correctors, we guarantee you an immediate refund if you feel you are not satisfied with your purchase and without having to provide any explanation. Try it, what does it cost you? 24/7 pre and post purchase assistance.

AMELÙSHOP is a leading company in the production of very high quality orthopedic medical products.
Thousands of Customers have relied on our Model, the only one on the market as it boasts enormous differences from the rest of the common Tooth Retractors and Hallux Valgus Correctors, raising the standard to the highest levels of reliability and quality.
With our Exclusive Concealer, you will avoid spending hundreds of euros on visits, Medical Specialists and months of gym. It guarantees maximum results at an affordable price. European CE Conformity on Class 1 Medical Devices, FDA Certification for sale in the United States.
Realigns the toes, reducing shock pain, hallux valgus, bursitis, relieves pressure pain and rubbing by gently returning the foot to the natural position, strengthens the toes by gently spreading the overlapping ones, the pad positioned in the back preserves the prominence from calluses, wounds, blisters, bursitis, tarsal and metatarsal problems. You will immediately rediscover the relief you needed to walk peacefully. After a week of use, you will have the following improvements:
Toes spread apart and brought back to their natural position, Disappearance of Hallux Valgus, Elimination of Acute Bursitis, Total absence of pain in the feet, Increase in circulation.
Our Retractor / Corrector in the first hours of use, could give particular sensations related to the posture of the foot, it is completely normal because it means that it is working correctly and realigning the toes naturally. After the first 7 days your foot will get used to the regular and natural posture, walking better and better, realigning the hips and ankles, which always suffer from hallux valgus trauma and foot pathologies. Our Retractor / Foot Corrector guarantees daily well-being.

AMELU'SHOP guarantees maximum results only if used correctly and consistently following the instructions and methods of use contained in the package. AMELU'SHOP DECLINES any liability related to IMPROPER USE and not in line with what is indicated. We will not be responsible for damage or injury related to incorrect and excessive use, for use in situations of presumed danger, in situations that are associated with damage, pathologies that require specialist medical examinations or injuries to children who may come into contact with the corrector. The device is prohibited for children under 6 years of age for whom a specialist visit to a medical center is recommended. For correct use, refer to the instructions contained in the package, and / or contact AmelùShop directly for any advice and further information.

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