Posture Corrector Black


Posture Corrector Black
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✳️ ERGONOMIC ITALIAN DESIGN: New Version 4.0 Designed for maximum comfort of the shoulders, back and neck. Produced by Specialists in Orthopedics, Kyphosis and Curvature of the Cervical Tract of the Spine. Our Effective Corrector against Pain, Shoulder Curvature and Back Pain, offering a Guaranteed and Certified Safe Remedy.

✳️ PREMIUM QUALITY: The Best on the Market, we have used Latest Generation Materials such as Padding, Hooks, Laces and Reinforced Velcro making it more Resistant and Comfortable, adapting perfectly to any build for Men Women and Children, helping a natural alignment of the spine avoiding pain and bad posture.

✳️ MAXIMUM COMFORT: Practical under clothing, shape and size larger than the other correctors on the market, perfectly stable in the central and upper part of the back, Innovative fabric in soft, more breathable neoprene, More holes for perspiration that avoid unpleasant sweating and skin irritations.

ORTHOPEDIC CERTIFICATIONS: Class 1 Medical Device Postural Belt, CE / FDA Certifications recognized worldwide, obtained thanks to the excellent Quality. This makes us the leading company in the sector. Our attention is paid exclusively to your health to make you get the best. One size, from 70 to 155 cm, the only one on the market.

✳️TOTAL GUARANTEE: Certain of our Quality, unlike the other postural correctors, ours does not require shoulder straps as it is perfectly adherent over the shoulders and under the armpits. Not suitable for children under 6 years of age. Free practical travel case + Instructions and Postural Exercise program. Post purchase assistance.

AMELÙSHOP is a leading company in the production of high quality orthopedic postural correctors.
Thousands of customers have relied on our model, the only one on the market as it boasts enormous differences from the rest of the common proofreaders, raising the standard to the highest levels of reliability and quality.
With our Exclusive Concealer, you will avoid spending hundreds of euros on visits, Medical Specialists and months of gym. It guarantees maximum results at an affordable price. European CE Conformity on Class 1 Medical Devices, FDA Certification for sale in the United States.
Realigns the shoulders and the upper back, reducing back pain and returning the back gently to the natural position. It strengthens the trunk by inducing the contraction of the deep muscles by strengthening the muscles and reducing the arching and hump. Ideal if you suffer from posture disorders or diseases such as kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis and back pain. After a month of use you will have the following improvements:
Straight back, straight shoulders, strengthened musculature without postural pain, total absence of insomnia, increased concentration, improved respiratory and sanguine circulation.
Our postural belt in the first hours of use, could be uncomfortable but, don't worry, it's completely normal because it means that it is working correctly and realigning the posture of the shoulders and back. After the first 7 days your body will get used to the regular and natural posture of the spine, guaranteeing you daily well-being.
Unlike the classic correctors that no longer make you use your back muscles when you finish using them, our corrector is specially designed and studied to strengthen the muscles, training them to maintain the correct position once you have finished using them.

AMELU'SHOP guarantees maximum results only if used correctly and consistently following the instructions and methods of use contained in the package. AMELU'SHOP DECLINES any liability related to IMPROPER USE and not in line with what is indicated. We will not be responsible for damage or injury related to incorrect and excessive use, for use in situations of presumed danger, in situations that are associated with damage or injury to children who may come into contact with the postural corrector. The device is prohibited for children under 6 years. For correct use, refer to the instructions contained in the package, and / or contact AmelùShop directly for any advice and further info for personalized needs. In case of doubts do not hesitate to contact us. 24/7 assistance.

Laura Bani
Tuesday, 10 March 2020
Ho preso il Correttore di postura in quanto alla mia età è evidente qualche dolore alle spalle ed alla schiena, e devo dire che anche se non fa miracoli, mi riporta molto la schiena alla postura corretta, quindi lo valuto ottimamente.

Andrea Cozzolino
Tuesday, 10 March 2020
Acquistato per i problemi alla schiena dovuti alla posizione scorretta, lavorando al PC per molte ore sento che riporta la postura alla naturale posizione, inodore, pratico, non da fastidio sotto le ascelle, molto buono, consigliato