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Disposable Surgical Masks 50 Pcs.


Disposable Surgical Masks 50 Pcs.
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PROMOTION Disposable Surgical Masks
The promotion includes N.1 Kit of 50 pieces of disposable surgical masks

Validity: Until exhaustion

✳️ FLEXIBLE DESIGN: It has a flexible top and ear rings that allow for an easy fit and comfortable wear.

✳️ HOW TO WEAR: Use your fingers to gently lift each ring from the front of the mask on the left and right side, open the rings and wear the mask - High Quality Guaranteed

✳️ DUST AND WIND PROOF: General purpose mask, suitable for covering the face.

✳️ THREE LAYERS: This mask is a personal protective medical device. It is intended for use in the personal and / or health sector, it reduces the transmission of common bacteria. Made with external layer and spunbond non-woven lining, as well as intermediate layer in blown non-woven fabric, It provides multiple protections to block dust, germs, droplets, odors and harmful substances in everyday life. Filtration efficiency up to 99%

✳️ DISPOSABLE: 3-layer or 3-layer facial mask - - Dispose of properly after use. These are not reusable masks. Adjustment with metal plate inserted in the material, to ensure stability and tightness.

✳️ CR CERTIFICATION: Our products are CE certified to guarantee a strong protective function.

PREMIUM QUALITY: The Best Disposable Masks on the Market, Latest Generation Materials with three (3) layers of insulation, Reinforced Hooks, Laces and Velcro making it more Resistant and Comfortable, adapting perfectly to any build for Men Women and Children, helping a natural alignment of the spine avoiding pain and poor posture.

AMELÙSHOP is a leading company in the production of orthopedic postural correctors and very high quality prevention material.
Thousands of Customers have relied on our Model, the only one on the market as it boasts enormous differences from the rest of the common products, raising the standard to the highest levels of reliability and quality.
With our exclusive products, you will avoid spending hundreds of euros on visits, Medical Specialists. We guarantee maximum results at an affordable price. European CE conformity on all Class 1 Medical Devices, FDA certified for sale in the United States.

AMELU'SHOP guarantees maximum results only if used correctly and consistently following the instructions and methods of use contained in the package. AMELU'SHOP DECLINES any liability related to IMPROPER USE and not in line with what is indicated. We will not be responsible for damage or injury related to incorrect and excessive use, for use in situations of presumed danger, in situations that are associated with damage or injury to children who may come into contact with products unsuitable for the age of the children. under 6 years. The device is prohibited for children under 6 years. For correct use, refer to the instructions contained in the package, and / or contact AmelùShop directly for any advice and further info for personalized needs. In case of doubts do not hesitate to contact us. 24/7 assistance.

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